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SketchPhrase is the hilarious drawing telephone game that matches words and wits with your friends. You will be on the floor laughing as you and your friends interpret each others phrases and drawings in this addicting turn-based drawing and writing game.

Aspiring artist? Witty wordsmith? See how you stack up in the SketchPhrase community. Level up your skills as both an Artist and Writer when friends reward your clever work with “Likes” and “Stars”.

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Create a Masterpiece

Create a Masterpiece

Interpret your Friends' Drawings

Interpret your Friends’ Drawings

Enjoy the Results

Enjoy the Results 🙂

Star and Like your Favorites

Star and Like your Favorites

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This is a mobile rendition of the classic pencil and paper drawing telephone game which is known to some as �Chinese Whispers’ and others endearingly as �Eat Poop You Cat’. The game mashes the drawing interpretation elements of �Pictionary’ with the miscommunication elements of �Telephone’.


  • Turn-based Multiplayer
  • Unlimited Gameplay
  • Save your Favorites
  • Vote on the Top Games
  • Custom Brushes & Colors


View Trailer

Click the image above to view the trailer. Be Warned: The song was provided by none other than Parry Gripp!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find it?
    A: Its currently available in on all Apple devices.
  • How much will it cost?
    A: There is a free version that is ad supported and a paid version whose price will start at $2.99 and will include a pile of coins, brushes, colors, and of course no ads!
  • Will there be an android version?
    A: Not at launch but perhaps in the future if there is demand. Post on our Facebook wall to let us know you want one!


  • “Absolutely brilliant app!! You don’t have to be a van gouge to play. Just have a go and have a giggle at what you draw…”–iTunes Store Review

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