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Kihons latest creation is now available for download in the App store. With both free and paid versions. (

What is SketchPhrase? Its a drawing telephone game similar to the classic pencil and paper versions Chinese Whispers or more endearingly Eat Poop You Cat. В Check out the trailer hereВ (thanks Parry Gripp!).

The game is all aboutВ interpretationВ andВ miscommunication. A group of nine players alternate drawing and writing to create a hilarious comic strip. В It begins with the first player writing a phrase, any phrase. В Example: Why did the chicken cross the road?.

This phrase is sent to player 2 who must draw the phrase:

The 3rd player only sees this drawing and must guess what it is. Perhaps they guess Confused man watches Rooster dodge traffic. В The beauty is there are no wrong answers and it does not require you to be a good artist to play. Its theВ misinterpretationВ that is what is so much fun. В Check out this sequence for example:


Sunny Side up clearly not Your Brain on Drugs but its perfect all the same as each turn the story will evolve. В Here is what a completed game looks like:

As you can see, it doesnt take a great artist to make a funny game (I am making fun of myself here Mark G. В Stick figures all the way! ;) .

The end comic strip is sent to all participating players to enjoy. You can vote on your favorite panels and share the results with your friends. В Want some more examples? Check out our facebook page for some of the games of the day.

Still have questions? Jump into the game and see for yourself!

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