December 2012

New Baby Monkey Costume!

December 13, 2012 by

In celebration of our upcoming Dojo DangerВ title we decided to do a new costume in Baby Monkey. Check it out!



Side note: We also removed OpenFeint from the game as their services are shutting down tomorrow (Dec 14th). If you havent updated, please do so now to avoid any issues!

SketchPhrase Hits App Store!

December 10, 2012 by

Kihons latest creation is now available for download in the App store. With both free and paid versions. (

What is SketchPhrase? Its a drawing telephone game similar to the classic pencil and paper versions Chinese Whispers or more endearingly Eat Poop You Cat. В Check out the trailer hereВ (thanks Parry Gripp!).

The game is all aboutВ interpretationВ andВ miscommunication. A group of nine players alternate drawing and writing to create a hilarious comic strip. В It begins with the first player writing a phrase, any phrase. В Example: Why did the chicken cross the road?.

This phrase is sent to player 2 who must draw the phrase:

The 3rd player only sees this drawing and must guess what it is. Perhaps they guess Confused man watches Rooster dodge traffic. В The beauty is there are no wrong answers and it does not require you to be a good artist to play. Its theВ misinterpretationВ that is what is so much fun. В Check out this sequence for example:


Sunny Side up clearly not Your Brain on Drugs but its perfect all the same as each turn the story will evolve. В Here is what a completed game looks like:

As you can see, it doesnt take a great artist to make a funny game (I am making fun of myself here Mark G. В Stick figures all the way! ;) .

The end comic strip is sent to all participating players to enjoy. You can vote on your favorite panels and share the results with your friends. В Want some more examples? Check out our facebook page for some of the games of the day.

Still have questions? Jump into the game and see for yourself!