April 2012

App Store Discovery Request

April 2, 2012 by

Like most iOS developers, Ive expressed my fair share of rants on the App Stores discovery woes. В I remain hopeful that theirВ acquisitionВ of Chomp could lead to some very interesting/rewarding solutions. В In the meantime, however, Id like to toss out one idea into the mixer that would not require any UI overhauls and I believe would make a drastic difference.

Its a simple feature request: В I would like to be able to hide apps from the results. В Currently, when I load up the top 25 Id say over 90% of the results are things I am not interested in. В Similar to when I check my mail, I would like to be able to do a swipe gesture on apps in the list and have a red hide button appear over their title. В Clicking on the hide button would have a similar result to archiving a read e-mail. В The email will no longer appear in my inbox but I can still find it if I search for it. В In the case of apps, anything I hide would not appear in my top 25, but I could still find them if I searched. В Thus, I could hide all of the apps I own (I believe gizmodo suggested filtering apps you own from the list) and then I could also hide apps I see day in and day out that I know I will never buy.

By adding this simple feature the Top 25 quickly becomes MY top 25. В I will be exposed to many more apps and thus will most likely be making more purchases. В Apple will most likely see more diversity and healthier numbers in their top 100 as a result.